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The StateCareAndMore Team currently consists of Ivan Mifsud, Professor Kevin Aquilina and Brian Camilleri.

Ivan is a Maltese lawyer by profession who holds a Ph.D in Administrative Law. The title of his dissertation is The State's Duty to Care when Acting in an Administrative Capacity. He has ten years work experience with the Office of the Parliamentary Ombudsman in Malta. He is also the Chairman of the Prison Board of Visitors (which monitors the Prison in Malta and ensures that it is up to internationally accepted standards).

Professor Kevin Aquilina, also a Ph.D holder, is Head of Department of Media, Communications and Technology Law at the Faculty of Laws, University of Malta. He has a keen interest in Constitutional, Administrative and Human Rights Law. He lectures on Development Planning Law, Public Corporations, Biolaw, Public International Law and European Environmental Law. Professor Aquilina has published various works, both in Malta and overseas.

Brian is an IT expert with his own private company, based in Rankweil, Austria (CIT Camilleri Information Technology). He has more than fifteen years experience in the field of I.T. and offers hardware and software solutions.

Brian, Ivan and Prof. Aquilina are combining their energies and expertise to bring you this site, which is dedicated to the following theme: THE STATE AND ITS GOVERNMENT EXIST TO SERVE THE CITIZEN; THE CITIZEN IS A CLIENT, TO WHOM THE STATE OWES NOT ONLY A SERVICE, BUT A GOOD ONE.

Initially, this site will consist for the large part - though not exclusively - of material from Ivan's Ph.D. thesis, which is in effect being published online, free of charge to the users. In due course the site will be expanded ... in many interesting and innovative ways.

We hope that the visitors of this site will find it useful. We also hope that our initiative will help raise awareness and commitment to the cause, where this is needed...

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The Team